It is so nice having a local independent florist so near to where I live. And even nicer that said florist is so friendly, professional and approachable. No job too big or too small - Lorna has made me anything from beautiful bespoke bouquets for my own place, to wreaths and arrangements for my Dad's grave. Re: the latter, I would not trust anyone else with such an important job. Lorna also keeps treats in the shop for my dog, who insists on calling in to say hi to Lorna EVERY time we walk by. High highly recommend Rowan Flowers and Crafts.
PS frustrating that someone is sabotaging Lorna's Google rating because they can't use a computer. I note how professional Lorna has been in her response to this review.

Ciara O'Connor


Dave Holmes

Don't usually bother giving reviews but considering the completely unjust 1 star Rowan Flowers has received I think I should share my experiences with them. The staff have always been very welcoming and friendly. Lorna always has time to give my dog a treat even when busy with other customers, who incidentally seen charmed by this. When I do buy my wife flowers I always go to Lorna as she puts a personal a touch. Although my wife complains this is not often enough. Thanks Lorna!

Steven Wicek

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